Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 534

50% water change in 380 gallon yesterday with vacuum gravel, cleaned filter also. More tank cleanings today.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 532

Water changes and Vacuum gravel starting again! 7 Tanks done for now! Large Pleco got stuck in driftwood and died in 380 gal., someone ate his tail. Sick Oscar and 1 more Clown loaches died in 155gal. bowfront, about 8 days ago. Added more cannister fliters to tanks, and an AC110 to 155gal., all else good. Checking on 60" lights on craigslist, also decided to cover tower in 388gal. with black acrylic.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belle Isle Aquarium

Remembering as a kid in Detroit!
Interior of aquarium with its single green-tile curved ceiling gallery meant to evoke an underwater feeling.

Day 521

This past week was crazy, finished water changes and gravel vacuuming. Added Oscar and one Jack Dempsey to 155gal bowfront, after they were medicated. Then...RTC(24") in Arowana tank died two nights ago, he just wouldn't eat. Skin turned red! I still don't know what happened.  Arowana, Oscar and Clown Knife doing better after removal of dead RTC and a 25% and 20% water change. R.I.P.
Rob came by to get "Big Boy" Flowerhorn, and bring me a new Flowerhorn. The switch went good for both fish, and owners! Then...Pacus in 155gal. bowfront bit the head off one of the Clown Loaches...I assume after he died, because another one died shortly after. The Pacus were moved to 380gal. and doing good.  Fluval filter added to Jaguar/old Flowerhorn tank today.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 515

This is Jim's son's African cichlid, he's doing great!
Came home from work Wed. morning, large Red Devil in the Colony tank was dead on bottom of tank. No injuries...just dead R.I.P.
Did a 25% water change on the colony tank today with a vacuum gravel. Made some pvc adjustments to Arowana tank, two drains came to a T., thought this slowed down the water to sump, so I split it,  two drains to sump now...helped a little. Added another pump to sump to increase water turn over in tank. Bought frozen fish fillets called swai, to entice RTC to eat...didn't work, but Arowana likes it. Yesterday added Fluval filter to Budda tank, contacted John about buying extra filters. All else good.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 512

Wow what a week! No time to blog, but I got some work done! This is the 388gal., back and half sides painted black, three coats. Now I have to figure out the tower.

This is the 280gal. that Rob sold me, It had a bad case of coralline algae from previous owner, salt water tank. This tank is acrylic, I cleaned and started to rub it out! Back blue panel and one side done.

This is Rob's other Flowerhorn, we took a day last week and moved his stand that we fixed, into his fishroom. Saturday we will move "Big Boy" home. The Flowerhorn in picture I bought off Rob and will occupy "Big Boy's" tank!
Bought a nice 48" light off Jim on craigslist this past week, his son decided to give up his orange african. Thanks guys! Great light and fish, post up pics soon!
Bought two Black Nastys this morning off of a guy from Great Lakes Aquaria site, thanks Brandon, great fish. I will post pictures soon.