Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 243

Going to sort through boxes of equipment that came with 65gal. hex tank. Power outage the other day, Barred Midas broke through divider in tank#11, got in with Red Devil, they splashed water near electric strip and popped the ground fault. It was throught the night, so I reset it, no fish loss. Thinking about mounting the electric strip upside down to the wall, or making a splash guard. Cleaning tanks #1-#5 today, vacuum gravel, fliter cleanings, and 25% water changes. More entries from-                            Pond Chemical Log 2009:
      *note: interesting to me how I wrote this two years ago, exactly, word for word.
  (some of the power outages and fish deaths could have been avoided, only by experience)
  (so I learn and am a better fish keeper from this)
7/4  Ammonia 4.0mg/L Replaced floss, charcoal & 50% water change
7/15 Pond fishy smell, Ammonia prob. up 4.0mg/L, 50% water change( 11days since last)
7/18 Pacu breathing heavy 3 days, Ammonia 2.0mg/L, 50% water change, foam filters cleaned & powerhead filters
7/21 Ammonia 1.0mg/L
7/24 Ammonia 0.5mg/L ? 50% water change
7/26 Breaker tripped, 1 Pacu(from Romeo,MI) R.I.P., 50%-75% water change
8/9  Ammonia 4.0mg/L, too long, good on 8/5
8/21 50% water change
8/29 50% water change, floss and carbon change
9/3  50% water change Ammonia 4.0mg/L
9/3 Added hybrid Red Tail& Tiger cat mix 15" and P. Niger cat 18"( currently in 380gal. 3/31/11)
9/5 50% water change Ammonia 4.0mg/L
9/8 50% water change
(* I didn't have all the fish listed that I added to the pond, I was clearly dealing with overcrowding, but didn't realize it at the time)
9/12 Breathing trouble for fish, Nitrate +100mg/L, 50% water change, total redo filter, add bioballs, take out two sponge filters, clean powerhead filters, vaccum gravel-first time since set up 1-1-09
9/13 Nitrate 40mg/L, tested tap water Nitrate 0mg/L
9/15 50% water change, big improvement from 9/12
9/17 Gar Pike jumped out died( this fish broke through the netting I had covering pond)
9/20 50% water change
9/27 50% water change
? didn't record water change date
10/8 50% water change

                                                       more entries to come

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 240

25% water change, vacuum gravel and filter cleanings in tanks#8 and #21

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Pond

This is the pond that was set up in the basement, still looking for older pictures when it was set up.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 238 continued

This is the 65gal. hex that I'm got for the paint work I'm doing, I worked on this tank(rubbing out acrylic) one year ago,  still have to pick up 55gal.
In June of 2009 I set up a pond(350gal.) in my basement. It had a homemade 5gal. bucket filter(floss,charcoal,bioballs), with 2-3 powerheads pumping into it. This was used to accommodate the large fish I was getting. This was before I got the 380gal. tank. I wrote down a log of the pond at the time, I will rewrite  the log. On Jan. 17, 2010 I shut down the pond and moved all fish to 380gal. tank. The log ends July 11, 2010. Here is what I wrote.
Pond Chemical Log 2009

6/2 Ammonia 8.0mg/L, Temp. 80*
6/2 50% water change + charcoal added to filter
6/2 Ammonia 8.0mg/L ?
6/3 Ammonia 0.25mg/L, Temp. 80*
6/4 Ammonia 0.25mg/L
      Nitrate 5.0mg/L
6/4 Added 18" Pacu added to pond
6/6 Ammonia 0.25mg/L
6/8 Ammonia 4.0mg/L, Temp. 81*
      Nitrate 5.0mg/L
      50% water change, 6 days since last water change
6/11 Ammonia 0.25mg/L
        10" Oscar added to pond
6/13 Ammonia 0.25mg/L
6/16 Ammonia 4.0mg/L
        50% water change, 8 days since last water change
6/23 Ammonia 4.0mg/L
        50% water change, 7 days since last water change
6/24 Fed chicken livers and gizzards and hearts
6/25 Ammonia 4.0mg/L ? Floss 2months old!
        50% water change
6/28 Ammonia 0.25mg/L
more entries to come...

Day 238

This is "The fish crew" or "Tank movers". Roger, Joe(my Dad), Phil, and Joey(my Son), thanks guys, you are what makes this hobby of mine work! Ok, 388gal. is in the house. Ground was frozen this morning, truck didn't sink. We backed truck up to walk out, used 3/4" pvc to roll tank on to stand, then took pvc put it under stand (with tank on it) and rolled it into place.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 237 continued

Went to house to patch/paint, didn't have time to get tanks. I did pick up four boxes of accessories, two Fluval 304 filters , a Magnum filter, and lights. Moved everything out of way for moving of 400gal. tomorrow at 8am.

Day 237

Top two pictures are the fry that Rob and I got from Thailand, starting to really grow. Last picture is a 4yr old fry we watch 10 days a month, she's growing too and wanted to be on the blog. Changed 25% water, vacuumed gravel and filter cleanings in tanks #9-#12 today. Divider in tank #9 fell over night, two Barred Midas stayed together without killing each other, I will watch for next few days. Too much aggression and I will divide them. Picking up 65gal. hex tank tonight from paint house, maybe 55gal. too. Moving 400gal. into house tomorrow at 8am. We had some cold nights (15*), I think ground is hard enough. I will post pics as we go.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 235

The two other replacement Marineland heaters arrived today, I found one more in a box in the basement, e-mailed company to send out one more heater. These were 250w heaters. I recommend this company, replaced heaters fast, no problem. Did 25% water change, vacuum gravel, and filter cleanings in tank #14-#16. Went to Highland Tropical fish store today, they called on Sean's oak replacement plastic rim on tank. This part took 3 weeks to order, siliconed in tonight, let dry for 24 hrs., then set up delivery time. Also went by Pet Supplier, they had a nice large Jaguar for sale. Highland Tropical had a Pacu med. size for $5. Traded some more paint work for a 65gal. acrylic hex. tank, with all accessories, a 55gal with pump, pick it up on Friday. The 65 gal. was damaged a year ago, and I fixed it(buffed it out), the guy wanted to trade it plus the 55gal. for!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 233

Phase one complete: tank on pickup truck. Now I just need a freeze or dry day to pull truck to walk out, the mud is to bad. We used a chain fall, double straps and a chain, the glass bowed too much so we had to put 2x4's across tank top to stabilize glass, at strap points. A little stressful to see tank hanging in the air, pull trailer out, unhook trailer, and back pickup under tank. Thanks to Dad and Phil for all the help. It rained yesterday, tank was out on trailer, black paint on back glass panel bubbled and started to peal. I used a razor blade and removed all paint, I will repaint when I get it in the house.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 232

Took apart light that came with 388gal., too bulky for me. Going to rebuild it and put on tank#17(180gal.), the light on that tank has three 175w metal halide bulbs, better for deeper tanks. This light will go on 388gal. because it's 40" deep. I have to install two fans in hood because of intense heat from bulbs. The plan to get the tank in the house is: trailer on to car lift, lift to level of pickup truck, slide tank on to pickup, pickup to back of house, slide tank from pickup bed to stand in house at walkout door, move stand with tank on it into place. This might all go down tomorrow. Change 25% water, vacuum gravel, and filter cleanings in tanks#17-#20.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 231

Got it home! Thanks to Jake and his buddy, for helping Rob and I load it on to the trailer. Thanks Rob for going with me and helping. Jake sold me a great tank and I appreciate it, I'll put it to good use. Thanks again. The inside measurements of the tank are 89.5"X25"X40", there for it will be know as the 388gal. from this point on. Now I have to figure out how to get it in the house, we had to use a winch on a jeep and pieces of pvc to roll it on to the trailer. The other problem is the mud, trying to get it to my walkout doorwall without getting stuck. Stay tuned. many plans and pictures to follow.

Dive with Croc's!

In Australia, $160 for 15min. visit! Are you in?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 230 continued

Went to Petsmart, got two dozen feeder goldfish for African Knife fish tank #14. Eric and Erin came by, sold tank#6 and accessories, and 75/90gal. stand, thanks guys. Did 25% water change and vacuumed gravel in 380gal.

Day 230 continued

Ok, back to the 450gal., I cut one of the center supports so that this stand and tank can be the center piece of the fish room. I think I will build the stand into the wall, and have the tank stick out of the room 18"-20". Pick up the tank Sat or Sunday.

Day 230

Got a call from a girl and her Mom, got my name through Ann at Petsmart, wanted to donate a African cichlid. The fish is about 3", in great health, he went in to tank#12. They had a 55 bowfront tank and stand, I would buy it but I have too many tanks as it is. Thanks for the fish ladies!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is everything but the 450gal. tank, stopped and got it this morning. Stand, light, ton of slate, sump with bio balls and scrubbies, 2 pumps. Set up tank pickup for Sat. or Sunday. Tank is double pane 5/8 glass with stainless steel top edge, and full bottom. I'm told...tank weighs close to 1500lbs.!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 225

Got a 29gal. from my Dad's friend, said he "just wanted it gone". It's a 29gal., stand, heater, undergravel filter with a powerhead, glass top, light, vacuum for gravel, glass cleaner( sponge on a stick), gravel, and some decorations. Thanks to Chuck for tank. Setup pick up of 450gal. stand, light, box of slate, pump, and sump for Wed. 9am. Pickup tank this weekend.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 233

Well added a approx. 450gal. fish tank to the collection, struck up a good deal. Went and checked out the tank with Rob, it's colossal! Double pane glass 5/8", stand, light, filter, box of slate, mag 9.5 pump. Pickup later this week, pictures to follow.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 232

Sold monster truck in 5 min., tons of e-mails, that craigslist is great! Now lets see if he shows, you know how craigslist is. Got Red Devil for $15, then local pet store paid the guy $40, no problem, there are many fish in the sea...

Day 232

Had a call yesterday, she got my number from Petsmart wants to donate a Fantail goldfish. Didn't work out today,maybe this weekend. Picked up pump for 380gal., nice, seems in good shape, thanks Kevin. Went to hardware to pickup plumbing parts for pump, project or the weekend. 13" Red Devil on craigslist, guy wants $20, told him $10, said no. I'll just wait it out, no one's buying a fish that big for $20. Taking a look at 508 gallon on Sat. morning, guy came down on cash deal. Put my old monster truck on craigslist to cover cost.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 230

Spent an hour or so cleaning out all old silicone from inside of 220gal., and cleaning glass with razor blade. This tank does not need to be totally disassembled because replacement panel sits on top of bottom glass and butts up to side glass. If side panel or bottom are broke, tank has to be taken completely apart. Also if you have a leak and can't find where its leaking from, disassemble. Need to order replacement panel, 1/2" glass 72 1/4"X29"...$130, considering having that piece drilled so I can hook up to central filtration system. Drained water from 140gal, its water tight. I need to neutralize new silicone with white vinegar, black out background, then figure out where to put it. Two Marineland replacement heaters arrived today, and they were 400W. They went in tank#13(380gal.) and tank#17(180gal.), tank# 17's heater went into tank#8. Two Stealth heaters in box for return, two more heaters should be on the way.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 229 continued 220 Gal.

Done! Time to order new panel.
Half way there.
Starting to remove broken panel on 220gal.

Day 229 continued

140gal.still holding water and cleaned with razor blade.

Day 229

Bottom off 220gal., gotta wait again for help to flip over, too heavy. Remove broken panel next. Found a Iwaki pump on for 380gal. it replaces pump that is going bad. My fear with hooking up last pump is, the volume of water through the sump, don't know if it would handle it. I'll use other pump for central filtration in fishroom. 10%-20% water only change today, all 21 tanks!  140gal. held water overnight.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 228 continued

Upsidedown 220gal. ready for plastic bottom removal.
140gal. full, no leaks.

Day 228 continued

Top off 220gal., ready to be flipped over and bottom plastic taken off. Gotta wait for help, too heavy to flip on my own

Day 228

140gal 1/2 full, no leak.
3/4 full, no leak.
220gal. in process of removing plactic edge, tuff!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 227

Leak testing 140 gal., 1/4 tonight, 1/4 morning, 1/4 afternoon, full tomorrow night. Leave full for a few days, drain, neutralize with vinegar, set up after that. Guy backed out on buying some of Rob's fish. Moved Flowerhorn from tank#4 to tank#10, I think he was scratching body on heater. All fish ate good tonight.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 225

Stopped by glass wholesaler, in Warren, $130 for replacement panel for 220gal. says he can get it in, in a week. Didn't order it yet. Red Jewel cichlid died in tank #12, and one black Angel died in tank#8, don't know why. Rob might have buyer for three of his fish that I am holding, It's good, I need the room. Large Pacus in 380 are in full swing with eating, I think they have finally adjusted fully to the move.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 233 continued

Went and picked up broken 220 gal., thanks to Chris and family for tank, I'll put it to good use. Thanks to Dad, Roger, and Joe the painter for help getting it. Tank dimensions are 72"X24"X30.5"

Marineland Stealth Pro heater recall

There has been a recall of these heaters, I had two fail, I am running four now. One Marineland replaced, the other I threw away before I knew about the recall. Petsmart is taking them back, no questions asked. Only Stealth Pro 100W, 200W, 250W and 300W. Here is the link:;812537;1930616628;25;02&R=T1_ONL&A=1007 also e-mail Marineland from their web site, good luck.

Day 233

This is 140gal. with bottom plastic on, two spots on bottom seal had to be filled with silicone, going to let it set for a few more days to be sure of seal.
Rob found free 220gal. on craigslist, I e-mailed the guy ,cracked on one side, we are going to get it tonight 7pm in Waterford. It might have the panel that is broke on my 180 gal. for replacement. Tank cleanings#4-#8 today, 25% water change on 380gal. Large Pacu started eating last night, fish pieces from Sams and frozen peas.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 232

Fish room build is on again! Joey(my son), my Dad and I build room today. This room will house 12 tanks, all triple stacked. Room is 20'X4.5'. One six foot opening and three four foot openings, door on the side for access. Electric next.