Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 532

Water changes and Vacuum gravel starting again! 7 Tanks done for now! Large Pleco got stuck in driftwood and died in 380 gal., someone ate his tail. Sick Oscar and 1 more Clown loaches died in 155gal. bowfront, about 8 days ago. Added more cannister fliters to tanks, and an AC110 to 155gal., all else good. Checking on 60" lights on craigslist, also decided to cover tower in 388gal. with black acrylic.


  1. Hey i'm interested in one of the tanks on your giant aquariums blog - how do I contact the seller. its the 590 gallon in dallas.

  2. Search Dallas craigslist, it's the actual add. I have no connection to the seller. Good luck!

  3. Yeah I've had some issues finding a few the tanks you posted as well. Maybe they get picked up pretty quickly... but it doesn't seem there would be such a huge market for a 700g tank setup haha.

    So, what do u type in exactly? 300 gallon aquarium, 301 gallon aquarium, 302... all the way to 1000? And do you search every city individually? Reason I'm asking is because I'm in Toronto and looking for something huge myself under 500g complete and it's tough. All the tanks I I'd love are in south Florida or California hahaha. I don't mind driving 12hrs to north Carolina to pickup my dream tank and save 15 grand... but I think that's my max. Can u help me out? Anything closer like new york/Michigan would be awesome :)