Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 230

Tried to get a deal together to sell two 55gal., fell through. Small(haha-20") Pacu started eating tonight, two shrimp and some peas. Large Pacu still holding out, acts like he wants to eat but nothing yet. Fins and bodies on Pacu continue to heal. No deal on painting trade for 400gal., offered cash, no response, just have to wait and see, and keep on looking for another tank.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 228

400gal. on craigslist...
Worked on tanks #9-#12, 25% water change, vacuum gravel, and clean filters. Put a bid in on 400gal. in Auburn Hills,MI. offered to trade paint labor for response yet. Would make a good Pacu tank, stainless steel bottom and top, black sand, salt water filter, drilled for sump, unfinished light system. Headed to Lowes for lumber, time to restart build of fish room...Update 6pm, when I got back from Lowes the Shark catfish that was eating skin of Pacu, moved from 380 gal to tank#10, knocked glass top loose and jumped out... D.O.A. dried up on the floor.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 227

Cleaned tanks #14-16, filter cleanings and 25% water changes also. Decided to do same to 380gal. because of fish overload. In the afternoon I noticed tank#2 was green colored and one Budda was laying on side gasping for breath, filter had run dry. Reset filter and did two 25% water changes in an hour. Filter cleaning and vacuumed gravel too. Also did same to tanks #1 and #3. Budda now breathing better.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 226

140gal. plastic top on, now time to let silicone set up on both tanks. About 7 days, then put plastic bottom on 140gal. and plastic top on Sean's tank, when it comes in. White vinegar wash down after 7days to neutralize pH from silicone, then water test on both tanks.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 225 continued

Ok this is 140gal. resealed...again! We also sealed inside of Sean's tank.

Day 225

I found that before I sealed 75gal., I looked at center support. The support was weak and brittle, Sean told me that this tank was used for salt water. The high intensity light used for salt water tank can make this support brittle, could cause future disaster if it was to snap. I decided to take this plastic support piece off and get new (2-3 week delivery). The third picture is tank ready for reseal, I will do that tonight... Pacu update: they adjusted to their new home, not eating yet. Its ok, some fish don't eat for up to 2 weeks when moved...Decided against setting up pond, I think we will rebuild 140gal. again tonight and thin out 380gal...Got the rest of the pieces for 380gal. new filter, hope to do that in next couple days...Did 25% water change, vacuumed gravel and filter cleanings on tanks#17-#21...Moved shark catfish out of 380gal. to tank#10 divided, he was trying to eat skin off of Pacu. He did the same thing to African Knife fish before in tank#14, and had to be moved...African Leaf fish had to be moved from 380gal. to tank#16, he was to small for new Pacu, I thought they might treat him as a snack!...Robs coming over to help me rebuild 140gal., minus the vodka this time! Maybe we will have better luck...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pictures of 380 Gal.

Best I could do Jimmy! Enjoy!

Day 223

These are Jimmy's Pacus, new home in Goodrich. Transport was good, no problem. I thought the safest place for these big boys was in the 380gal. This tank will need to thinned out(less fish), doing a 25% water change now. These fish adjusted well to the move, going to wait on pond. Thanks again Jimmy, great fish!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 221

Got a call from Jimmy off craigslist, hes got two Pacu 20+". Pickup Sun. or Tue., time to resurrect old pond. It's been a year since I had this up in the basement. At the time pond had run for almost two years, I shut it down when I got 380gal. My plan is to transfer some fish from 380gal. to make room for Pacu. It will be run with a canister filter and heater, I'll keep you posted.

Day 221 contiued

Single edge razor blade to take out old silicone, remove all silicone not just bad sides, bottom too. The reason for this is that you form one piece of silicone when it dries, no brakes in the seal, because silicone only doesn't stick to one thing...silicone.

Day 221 continued

These are some of the fish donated from Brad, thanks again!

Day 221

Tank is set, old silicone comes out today. Inside seals on this tank are in great shape and water tested. Using a couple razor blades and some GE silicone I.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 220

No leak in Sean's tank, drained today. Strip out old silicone in the morning, no time today. Eric will buy double 55gal. possibly this weekend. Got a call from Brad through Petsmart, wanted to donate some fish, went today to pickup. 12" Iridescent Shark-put in 380 gal, along with 9" Pleco. Two golden dwarf Gourami, Bala shark, small Pleco, albino shark- into tropical tank#8. And fantail Goldfish-into tanks #1&#3. Thanks Brad, I will post up some pictures tomorrow.

Monster Gar Pike

Angler Kenny Williams, Miss., landed an aligator gar on Feb 14, 2011, that tipped the scales at 327 pounds, possibly a new world record!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 218

No leak in 75 gal of Seans. Thur. is drain and strip silicone day, Fri. reseal. Got an e-mail from Eric, wanted to know if i had any 55gal. for sale. I was just thinking that i should get rid of some 55s and replace with larger tanks ie. sell two 55s and set up a 140gal., he seemed interested but I haven't heard back yet.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 216

 Ok leak test started today at noon, too busy yesterday to fill. I will leave full until Thur., if no leaks I will strip out old silicone from inside tank and reseal with Silicone I. Let cure for 48 hrs. or longer. This is the stand Sean will take on the trade deal, return tank 8-10 days. Went to Home Depot and bought some pvc for the new pump on 380 gallon, hope to start that soon. Lima catfish with broken nose still not eating and looking very weak. That is all.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 213

One frozen fish tank from Roseville to Goodrich!
Picked up this 75 gal. from Sean off craigslist that need to be repaired, for trade in aquarium supplies. I plan on leak testing this tank and resealing. We are working out a trade for homemade 55/75/90gal. painted stand. I will post pictures as I progress, all else is well.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 211 continued

These are John's Oscars, thanks John! They will keep the Old Boy company!

Day 211

John and his wife gave me Fantail Goldfish last year, got a call from him, he wants to donate a few( four I think) small Oscars. Going to try to pick up tonight after 6pm. Got one e-mail on homemade stand for 55/75/90gal. that I listed on craigslist. $35 In Flint. Just list in Metro-Detroit.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 209

I listed some fish related things on craigslist, sometimes in my e-mail I get off the wall e-mail that seem to be coming from craigslist. These e-mails say "verify account" or "your account has been suspended" or " verify for a private message from a buyer"... Beware, these are all spam or scam. Craigslist impostors! I've opened these and responded...big mistake! The best thing to do is delete these e-mails. Your account will not be suspended, I delete them and nothing happens. Don't fall for this scam...and keep on fishn'!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 208

Went to Rob's Dad's today, sold and help set up 55gal. w/cherry stand and hood. I got some gravel for him and Rob got some filters, a heater, and glass tops. We installed a new light in the hood for Bob. He wanted to get rid of 3 Silver Dollars, he gave them to me and they went into tank#8, thanks Bob good luck with the 55 gal.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 206

This is Rob's other "big boy" Flowerhorn, he's gonna stay here for a while in tank#18. We moved both 55gal. at his house upstairs. When I got home I had some fish moving to do. I first put a divider in tank#6 and put Flowerhorn from tank#19 into#6 with Red Devil. Then I moved the 1 Red Devil/Jaguar fry in #4 into empty half of #19 and 4 small  Convicts from #4 to #16. The Silk Flowerhorn in #7 then went into #4, and Vieja went to #7 from #19. The divider was lifted in #19 and Oscar and 4 Red Devil/Jaguar fry from #18 were put into #19, one of the small fry was moved into #12 because he was beat up pretty good. This left #18 open for Rob's "big boy" Flowerhorn. Wow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 205

Cut and arranged 1 1/2" pvc for new pump on 380 gallon, need to buy a couple of sleeves before I start job. Going to do job at Rob's tomorrow. Layed out new plan for fishroom wall downstairs, extra wall added to enclose fish room. Going to buy 2'x4's next week, add pix as I work. All else good.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 204

Cleaned tanks #1-#5 today, vacuum gravel, 25% water change, and filter cleanings. Updated other blog  in last two days. Alot of new listings, I think people want to move old out and new in, check it out. Lima catfish with broken nose still not eating, looking thin. Rob and I were going to move his two 55 gal. upstairs in his house, we decided to wait until snow storm passes. I want to get 55gal. with cherry stand and hood to his Dad, maybe this weekend...Rob's Vieja became king of the 380gal., beat on everyone, especially the Pacus. Had to be moved back to tank#19, Red Tiger Motaguense moved to tank#5 split with Oscar.