Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 165

Went on Wed. to pick up new pump for 380 gal. turns out this pump is the larger pump, up to 4700gph.Thanks Craig, set that as my next project. Also got a call from Nic, needed a new home for large Oscar and 6 convicts, so i picked them up. Oscar(12") in tank#18, spilt with Flowerhorn. Convicts in tank#4 with Red Devil/Jaguar fry. Nic need a protein skimmer and I have an extra one, going to set up a day when he can pick it up, thanks for the fish Nic. Flowerhorn in tank#20 stopped eating pellets after female was taken out, cleaned tank and water change. Have him on shrimp only, seems to be working out good.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 161

Fish made a good adjustment to Erics, he took three Africans off my hands.Aron took one flowerhorn and a 10 gallon. Rob and I want on tour to three fish stores, Highland Tropical, Pet Supplier, and Moby Dicks. Didn't buy anything, saw alot of nice fish. Bought Dolphin Ampmaster pump off of Michigan Reefers, pick up on Wed.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 160

These are some of Eric's tanks. Met Eric through Aron.
.#1_65g 14" Mozambique Nile Cichlid, 12" Flowerhorn, 12" Red Devil 3 African Clawd Frogs. #2_55g 10" & 6" Texas, 12"&7" Jaguars, 9" Midas.#3-75g_ 20 different species, many Africans. Eric coming over to take some african cichlids off my hands, checked him out and he has a few tanks and raises africans.
Guy called on 55gal. with cherry oak stand, picking up today. Aron wants 55gal. tank back, got new fish and he needs room, picking up today. This is tank #7 with Oscar. Oscar moved to tank #6 split with Red Devil. Flowerhorn that was in tank #7 went to tank #18, Red Devil in tank #18 went to tank #15 split with Red Devil.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 156

          Found a Dolphin Ampmaster 2800GPH pump for 380gal. on, sent the guy a message- no response yet. All else good. Bought fish pellets a hardware store 3lbs. for $3.99, mix with other pellets to offset cost of feedings.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 154

The Flowerhorn in tank #20 had to be moved out because of the aggression of the male, never got any eggs. The female was moved back to tank #11 and Black Nasty moved back to tank #12. Guy buying 55 gal. with cherry oak stand is buying this week. In 380 gal Red Devil is showing aggression towards Oscar only, it stopped by 8pm last night. New heater for tank #18, marineland 150watt. Old one burned out, tank was 70*, 80* now. All else good.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 149

Pellet shipment from came today. 5 pounds of pellets? $22 +shipping($11), 5 pounds Hikari pellets at Petco?, $70-$90 bucks! The bag you buy is red, $6.95-$8.95 and only 8oz., that's 1/2 pound. I saw it for $13.95 once at privately owned fish store. Way better deal through Kens even with the shipping added on, and it arrives in 2-3 days. The only place to buy heaters too!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 148

Got a call from Keith, holding 55 gal.tank until Dec. 16. Got an e-mail from Eric, he raises African cichlids, interested in seeing some fish. Noticed 380 gal. pump wearing out, ok for now.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 146

Sold!?! Waiting on the call.
Cleaned 1/2 of front panel on 140gal. leaker. Aron needed a powerhead for his 29 gal. came over and got one today. Got a craigslist call from Keith going to buy 55 gal. tank, cherry oak stand and hood for salt water set up, $125. He will call later this week. Floor heat out in basement, got to find digital control unit. Floor heat helps with all the heaters I have running, they don't come on as much. I set the temp. on floor to 80-90.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Watch this 1500gal. tank bursts!,0,643901.story

Day 144, night

Moved one 2" Black Nasty (Haitian cichlid) from tank #12 to tank #11 divided with Flowerhorn.

Day 144

Man where do I start! Ok, went to two pet shops on M-59 yesterday. Went to Highland Tropical first, wide selection. Had my eye on some extra large silver dollars and a 8" Pacu, and 4" Buttikoferi. Next stop was Pet Suppliers, been a while since I have been there. The shop was empty, as in they moved. Thought I would drive around and look for the store, I found it across the street. He has a great layout in the store and wide selection of fresh and salt water. I would recommend you trying this store out...its great! One thing that caught my attention is that he said he installed an automatic water change system on all his freshwater tanks, It changes10 percent of the water per day. I want to learn more about this. Left there, went home and cleaned the silicone off back panel of 140 leaker, front panel is all that's left then I will put it together. Rob came by, brought his barred Midas. I wanted to put his fish in tank #9 with my barred Midas, but I had to find a place for the large Red Devil I got from Shane. This Red Devil has a temperment that is very calm compared to my other Devils, but it killed the Jaguar it lived with at Shane's. We talked and decided it would go in 380 gal., and we would watch and see what happens. This is start of third day and all is good, the large Mayan gave him a hard time at first but gave up. I think the Red Devil has found a new home. Rob's barred Midas is in tank #9 split with mine. New Oscar in tank#7 still too aggressive to add to 380 gal., he will stay where he's at. Talked to Aron, he needs a powerhead and bring back a 29 gal. he borrowed from me. I have a box of powerheads, he also needs to pick a color for back panel of his 60 gal. to be painted. He's coming by Sunday. And no eggs in tank #20 yet. Ordered 5lb. pellets and 1lb. spirulina sticks from today.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


No eggs this morning in tank#20, give it time. Going to clean panels in 140 leaker today, clean filters and glass tops I've had in the garage for a while in a bucket. Rob's is coming by tonight, bringing barred Midas to breed with mine, not sure who has the female. Lost a cory cat in tank #5, got caught in filter intake tube, R.I.P.