Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 345

This is what's left of 180gal. sump that I had stored under Red Devil colony tank.

End piece was broke, got it free off craigslist...decided to cut it apart, and stack it against wall.

This is the 150gal. I got from Rob. Decided to fill it, and put it to good use! Fits great under 180gal. Red Devil colony tank.

Moved Flowerhorn from 90gal. to the 150gal., to see if I can get some growth out of him. Added 400W Marineland heater and Eheim filter. I used the bottom of 180gal. in first picture as the lid for this 150gal.

Did 50% water change and vacuumed gravel in Red Devil colony tank, also cleaned filter today.

Clown Knife doing ok, so far. Did 25% water change after medication treatment.

Many updates on other blog !!

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